Tokyo Ghoul Mobile Game Announced For 2016



GameSamba and FUNimation Entertainment have announced that they’re making an action-RPG mobile game based on the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. It’ll be available in English worldwide on iOS and Android in 2016.


The game will focus on the conflict between humans and the Commission of Counter Ghoul’s forces. You’ll have to pick a side and will help to determine which path the conflict takes by either hunting or protecting humans.


This is a separate Tokyo Ghoul game to the one that Bandai Namco is developing for PlayStation Vita.


FUNimation also took the opportunity to note that the home video release and the digital HD dub version of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 will be available on September 22nd 2015. The Tokyo Ghoul anime TV series will air its third season in Japan in 2016.

Chris Priestman