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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Shows Off New Dungeon, Three Houses Costume, And More


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Nintendo recently opened a page detailing more about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, which was announced for Nintendo Switch last week. The page shares more on the game’s world and battle system, as well as what’s new.


Fighting Alongside Mirages

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Fights are done with Mirages like Chrom by your side, and they are essential weapons to defeating your enemies. By attacking enemy weaknesses, Sessions are started where your other party members will follow up with attacks. Apart from elemental attacks, there is also the Fire Emblem series’ weapon triangle, and as such it’s a must to keep track of enemy weaknesses.

For example, in the above screenshots Kiria starts off with an ice element attack, which is followed by Itsuki’s ice-element Session skill, then followed up by Touma’s sword-type skill.


Idol Life

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Even with an invasion of Mirages, the other side to Tokyo Mirage Sessions is watching our crew try to fulfill their entertainment industry dreams, including singing, live concerts, appearing in dramas and performances, in order to reach the top.


A New Song, New Outfits, New Story

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The Nintendo Switch version is adding in new content, such as a new song, new outfits, as well as more story content, including a new dungeon. Additionally, Maiko, Barry, and Tiki will also participate in battles, helping extend Sessions to even greater heights.


More Screenshots:

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We see Mamori, one of the playable characters, wearing a new costume based on the Garreg Mach Officer’s Academy uniform from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore releases on January 17, 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

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