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How Tokyo Xanadu Blends The Real World And The Other World



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Tokyo Xanadu is Falcom’s new action RPG that puts the developer’s knowhow they got from the Ys series together with character designs we’ve seen from The Legend of Heroes games. President Toshihiro Kondo talked about the game in a recent Dengeki live event.


The main characters of Tokyo Xanadu live in an alternate Tokyo, in a city called Morimiya. As it turns out, these mysterious dungeons called “Xanadu” appeared in the city.


2015-03-24_024019 The game takes place between two worlds: the real world and the “Other World”. The above screenshot depicts the two, with what looks like the heroine Asuka Hiragi is taking on one of the Xanadu dungeons.


While on the subject of the Xanadu, Kondo says that nobody knows anything about the Xanadu, but over time, the main characters will begin to find out more, solving the puzzle, bits at a time.


After showing the real world screenshot in the above image, some commentators pointed out that it looks like Tachikawa city, which is located in western Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.


Kondo admits that Morimiya is indeed based off Tachikawa, as Falcom originally started out in the city as well, so the development team thought that it’d be interesting to make a game based on the location. He says that there will be other similarities outside of just Tachikawa, with various places from western Tokyo.



Falcom also touched up a little bit on the game’s basic battle system and how it works. There are regular attacks which can be done by pressing a single button. Skills can also be done with a single button.



You can use skills as long as you have some of that green bar located on the bottom part of the screen. Even if you use it all, the bar automatically regenerates on its own, so Kondo says it’ll make things easier to pull off combos with regular attacks and skills.


There’s another battle feature called the “X Strike” which is indicated by the orange bar above the green skill meter. The X Strike meter goes up as you attack enemies, and once it fills up all the way, you’ll get to use the X Strike, enhancement type abilities that vary by characters. They have different varieties such as speed or attack increases.


Kondo also teased a special feature that occurs after using several X Strike abilities, you’ll get to use a next level ability, and it’ll be quite powerful.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan sometime this year for PlayStation Vita.

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