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Tokyo Xanadu Details A Couple Gangsters And A Mysterious Knight In White



In Tokyo Xanadu Kou and friends will explore the Other World and what awaits there, but the game will also have its share of events going on in the real world. From gangsters to mysterious knights, this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation introduces us to some new characters and systems. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The One in White (CV: ???): an unknown engraved knight that is part of an army called the “Chronos Orden” of the Church of Holy Spirit. The Chronos Orden go against the Nemesis and the Zodiac, making them the third of the three major forces.


Unlike the other two organizations, they’re just a group that are looking into sealing the Other World.


Eiji Goto (CV: Eiji Takemoto): the right-hand man of the Takaha yakuza group’s leader. Eiji is an old-fashioned and chivalrous yakuza who opposes those that are against humanity and justice.


Akihiro Inui (CV: Shunsuke Kanie): a second generation leader of the delinquent team known as BLAZE, that was previously led by Shio. After Shio withdrew, the team was put back together by Akihiro, and began with their activities once again.


Lately, they’ve been absorbing smaller groups and increasing their power, which has led their activities to become more and more radical.


The “Master Core” is a system that lets you switch up character attributes. The switching is done while in the real world before going into the Other World. It can also be done in the Other World through stone monuments called Relics.


Once a core changes, the character’s attack effect’s colors change, and the weapon’s looks will also change by a bit. Kou can switch to any attribute, but the other characters can add an extra attribute to go with their main attributes.


Skills have up to three stages of upgrades. Additionally, killing enemies with elemental weaknesses will activate an “Elemental Kill.” Killing an enemy with a high amount of damage makes it a “Fatal Kill.” Both of these will add drop rate bonuses, and Elemental Kill increases the value of exploring the Other World.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 PlayStation Vita.

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