Tokyo Xanadu Details More On The Protagonist And Heroine

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Tokyo Xanadu is an upcoming action RPG by Falcom, that gets its looks from the Trails series, and what seems to be a touch of the Persona series as far as the story goes. Here’s a look at the game’s main protagonist and heroine.


Kou Tokisaka:

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A second year student at the Morimiya Academy high school, Kou can be a little blunt with his words, but he actually gets along with others.


Since both his parents are on a long-term visit overseas, he’ll stay home living on his own starting in the spring. He doesn’t belong to any specific clubs in school, but spends time working various jobs.



Kou always feels the need to help those in trouble, but it can occasionally get him in trouble as well. This is also what happened when he saw Asuka in a pinch while surrounded by delinquents; however, things turned out quite differently than he expected.



Asuka Hiragi:

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Asuka is Kou’s classmate who has just returned from living abroad. She has everything from good looks and brains to athletic prowess. She’s even the class president. Despite being quite the achiever, she’s humble and tends not to boast.


While she does sound like the perfect student, she’s also been working for a certain organization that uses “Soul Device” technology, by helping them investigate the “Other World” on a nightly basis.



Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan sometime this year for PlayStation Vita.

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