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Tokyo Xanadu Explains Its Three Main Skill Types



Tokyo Xanadu takes place in the real world and the mysterious “Other World,” where the heroes will need to use specialized weapons called “Soul Devices” to take them out the enemies known as the “Greed”. The official website shares more on the game’s battle system.


“Soul Devices” are special weapons or armaments that are used by the “Qualified” that are linked to the Other World. They come in numerous forms, and they say that there’s only one of each Soul Device in existence. They’re made of spirits and materials from the Other World, and considering that physical attacks don’t work well against the Greed, the Soul Devices are effective at dealing damage to them.


In Tokyo Xanadu, there are various ways to use skills and attack enemies. Starting with the normal attacks, they consist of using the Soul Device to deal direct attacks, and timing buttons can lead to combos. Depending on the Soul Device, attack range and speed will vary, so each character will have their own unique way of fighting.



Kou uses his sword whip-like Anchor Gear Soul Device as his main weapon. With various attacking motions, and its size, he can its wide range to hit enemies around him with ease.



Asuka’s Soul Device takes the form of a one-handed blade, which she uses to slice up enemies. While her range is shorter when compared to Kou’s, she makes up for it with more power, speed, and less chances of getting hit by enemies during attacks.



Sora’s Soul Device looks quite similar to a pair of Tekko gauntlets, which she uses to pummel down enemies. Her reach is extra short, but has incredible speed to make up for it to go with bursts of hits. In addition to her Soul Device attacks, she also throws in kicks to her moves as part of combo attacks.


In Tokyo Xanadu, skills are split between the three of “Shooting Skills,” “Aerial Skills,” and “Heavy Skills”. They all use a certain amount of the SP meter, which slowly recharges over time, so players can go all out without having to worry too much about conserving SP.


Shooting Skills: long-ranged skills, that shoots energy from Soul Devices to hit Greeds from a distance. They’re weaker than normal attacks, but can shoot in bursts, and allows you to hit enemies while staying at a safe distance. However, they use up the SP meter for each use.



  • Stinger (Kou): a Shooting Skill shoots ranged energy from the tip of his Soul Device.



  • Splash Arrow (Asuka): a skill that brings out energy shots in mid-air and has them shoot the Greed. It’s a little different from Kou or Sora’s, as it can shoot twice at a time.



  • Falcon Fist (Sora): charges energy from the Soul Device and shoots it towards the enemy. She can use this skill repeatedly from both fists.


Aerial Skills: offensive dash skills that can be used in mid-air while jumping. It’s effective at instantly closing the gap between you and the Greed, or to simply take down flying Greeds. When used towards a Greed that is right in front, it’ll land multiple hits for more damage. It’s also a good way to use for speedy travels or evasive maneuvers.



  • Anchor Slide (Kou): an exclusive Aerial Skill by Kou, that is done by sheathing his weapon and using its reaction to launch him horizontally towards the enemy.



  • Blizzard Pierce (Asuka): surrounds herself with a freezing aura, then thrusts into Greeds ahead of her. Enemies that touch the aura around her also take damage.



  • Soaring Leg (Sora): takes a big jump forward, while using a sharp front kick that can even cut through the winds. It’s an Aerial Skill that fully suits Sora’s physical abilities.


Heavy Skills: powerful skills that are done by holding down the square button. They do more than enough damage to take our regular Greeds with a single blow; however, they have a bit of a delay, meaning it can leave you open to hits.



  • Round Edge (Kou): spins the stretched out blade while spinning it, allowing him to hit a number of Greed around him. It takes a while to charge it, but it has more range and reach when compared to Asuka and Sora’s Heavy Skills.



  • Crystal Sword (Asuka): uses a great swing with her Soul Device to drop a heavy hit on an enemy in front of her. Crystals follow the trajectory of her Soul Device, which can also add extra hits.



  • Roaring Thunder (Sora): fills power into her right first, and produces a thunderous roar to land a powerful strike on a Greed in front of her. This Heavy Skill is more powerful than Kou or Asuka’s, and can also do extra damage, depending on the enemy.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan later this year for PlayStation Vita.

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