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Tokyo Xanadu Has Its Own Version Of Social Links



We’ve recently seen some gameplay footage of Tokyo Xanadu that takes place in the “Other World,” but the latest update by 4Gamer shows us more of what happens when you’re exploring the game’s real world, and how Kou will build upon his relationships with other characters.


Tomoaki Mikuriya (CV: Hisayoshi Suganuma)

Age: 29



Tomoaki is a narcissistic and self-conscious man who was transferred to Morimiya City, as the heir son to the Mikuriya Group, as a candidate for an executive position for the Zodiac organization.


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The Mikuriya company is not named as the 12 Zodiac companies, but as a group under the banner of the organization, the prominence and leadership of Tomoaki led him to become one of the candidates for the executive position.


There’s been talks in the Mikuriya for a political marriage between Tomoaki and the successor candidate of the Hokuto group, Mitsuki.




Morimaru is a popular mascot character of Morimiya City. He’s a public relations ambassador for the city, and also acts as an adivisor for the Mitama Udo Farmers’ association. He also has some pretty passionate fans.


They say that he’s a fairy that has protected Morimiya City since the older days, but with his topknot hairstyle, way he dresses, and how he says “gozaru,” people seem to only see a samurai’s image in him.


Morimaru is actually a big fan of the idol group called SPiKA, and is excited to have their concert that will be held in Morimiya City.


In Tokyo Xanadu, you’ll have events called “Bonding Episodes,” which you’ll get to check out during your free exploration time in the real world. These happen once you use an item called “Relationship Fragments” that are acquired through the main story or while exploring.



These events will show you more about the characters, and will also increase their Soul levels. In Asuka’s episode, she’s shown a little upset about Kou’s careless actions. She seems to have learned something about Kou from her classmate Shiori…


009 010

Shio’s episode show him doing what he does best—taking out delinquents. He reveals a certain something to Kou…

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Towa is Kou’s cousin and also his homeroom teacher. When she’s not teaching, she helps out as a shrine maiden at her family shrine during the weekend. How will she react when Kou goes to visit the shrine?


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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