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Tokyo Xanadu Introduces A Few Classmates Of The Protagonist



While Kou and his friends aren’t fighting in the Other World, they’ll spend time at school, where you’ll meet some of the more “normal” friends. The official website introduces us to three close friends of Tokyo Xanadu protagonist, Kou.


Shori Kurashiki:



Shiori is a 17-year-old classmate of Kou’s, and is a childhood friend that lives in his neighborhood. She’s a bit more on the conservative side as far as personality goes, but she’s also strong-hearted. She takes care of Kou like a mother, especially knowing that he’s been living on his own.



She’s been living the everyday school life with Kou and the others, but one day, she gets involved in an incident with the Other World.


Ryota Ibuki:


Ryota is the 17-year-old friend that has been friends with Kou and close to Shiori since their elementary school days. He’s a very healthy young man who dreams of a rosy high school life. He’s part of the kendo club, but often skips it, since he prioritizes going out with friends.



He has a nice personality and is sociable, but he has a problem of not being able to find himself a girlfriend, since he ends up just being called a “good guy,” and it never goes further than that.


Jun Kohinata:


Jun is a 16-year-old classmate of Kou’s. He has a baby face to go with a small build, and since he’s sometimes mistaken as a girl, they often find him cute. He can be shy at times, but once he makes friends, he’ll freely speak his mind.



Jun was classmates with Kou and Ryota during their first year, so they became friends, and you can often see the three together at school. He’s a bit of an otaku, so he knows a lot about the latest anime and subcultures.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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