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Tokyo Xanadu Introduces Its Delinquent Party Member Shio Takahata



Falmcom revealed Tokyo Xanadu’s sixth party member as Shio Takahata, a delinquent with a fiery attitude. 4Gamer shares a first look at the newcomer, along with details on his story and combat abilities.


Shio Takahata:



Shio is a brazen young man, an incredibly tough guy, and the number one delinquent of Morimiya High School. He doesn’t go out of his way for simple quarrels, nor does he go around town to waste time, so he seems to have some sort of code going on.



He was once the head of a famous delinquent team called “BLAZE,” but after a certain incident, he decided to step down from the group; however, a year later, there’s been rumors of the team dismantling, but there’s also been some people going around causing trouble under the name BLAZE.



In combat, Shio swings around his great sword-type Soul Device as his basic attacks. He’s the slowest of all party members, but makes up for it with power and reach. A simple swing of his sword is enough to do big damage to enemies around him.


 Shooting Skill: Flare Slash


Shio shoots out a blazing slash wave towards enemies with this skill. Since the wave is quite large, it can hit multiple targets within its range.


Aerial Skill: Blast Edge


Starting with a downward slash, Shio rushes towards the enemy at full speed with the force of his sword wing. Since Shio is a bit on the slower side, this move also serves as a good evasive maneuver.


Heavy Skill: Ignis Break


With all of his power, Shio swings his Soul Device upwards to do massive fire element damage to enemies. While raising the sword, there’s a rotation to it, so it can hit enemies from certain angles around him while using Ignis Break.


X-Strike: Crimson Raid

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Uses his heavy Soul Device to do multiple slashes, then jumps high up in the air, followed by surrounding himself with a fiery aura to crush enemies on the ground.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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