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Tokyo Xanadu Introduces Yuuki Shinomiya, A Genius With An IQ Of Over 180



Falcom’s new RPG, Tokyo Xanadu, takes place between the real world and the “Other World” for PlayStation Vita. In this week’s Japanese video game magazine, Tokyo Xanadu has a release date along with a new character. [Thanks, Hachima and Game Jouhou]


Yuuki Shinomiya might have a bit of a complicated personality, but there’s no denying his intelligence, as he boasts an IQ of over 180. He puts his smarts to use and makes huge profits from developing apps and through stock trades. He uses a mallet and another mysterious weapon that roughly translates to something along the lines of “Spirit Peridium,” which likely has some sort of affinity with the spirit particles from the Other World that the Soul Device weapons are made from.


Yuuki’s speed is slow, but he makes up for it with high attacking power. He’s the complete opposite of the innocent karate girl Sora Ikushima, as he can be a bit arrogant and impertinent. He’s the guy wearing the green sweater with headphones on the left part of the top image.


Tokyo Xanadu has three main skill types. Shooting Skills are all about long-ranged attacks that are used to hit Greed from a distance. Aerial Skills often involve dash skills in mid-air, used to close the gap between you and the Greed. Heavy skills take time, but are the most powerful of skills.


With the different skills and character playstyles in consideration, it sounds like properly setting up party setups will be important in Tokyo Xanadu. You can read more about the skills and combat in our earlier report.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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