Tokyo Xanadu Sounds Like A Falcom Action RPG With A Touch Of Persona

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Falcom have teased a new game by the title Tokyo Xanadu late last year. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, they revealed that it’s for PlayStation Vita, along with some additional details of the game. [Thanks Hokanko-Alt, and Game Jouhou.]


The story of Tokyo Xanadu starts out with the 17-year-old protagonist noticing a schoolgirl that recently transferred in April, looking like she found herself in trouble with delinquents. He tries to help her out, but then walks in on her pulling out a mysterious shining sword…


Kou Tokikasa: The protagonist of Tokyo Xanadu, and a second year student at the Morimiya Academy high school. He might be a little blunt with his words, but he gets along well with others, as a regular student of modern days. He uses a sword whip as his weapon of choice, and excels at mid-ranged attacks.


Asuka Hiragi: Kou’s classmate who just returned from living abroad. With good looks, brains, and athleticism, Asuka is the whole package. She’s also the class president.


She might sound like the perfect student, but on the side, she’s been investigating  a case surrounding the “other world,” for a certain organization that uses a “Soul Device”. She uses a single-handed sword as her weapon, and prefers fighting in close-ranged combat.



The above screenshot shows Kou on the top-left and Asuka on the bottom-left.


As far as the setting of Tokyo Xanadu goes, it takes place in Tokyo, but the kanji used to the city is different than the regular one, so it’ll likely take place in a similar, yet different world. Famitsu also features an illustration of the two characters holding something resembling a smartphone, which may have something to do with the story.


Tokyo Xanadu is split into two parts: the modern city and the other world. In the regular world, you’ll get to visit the city, inside the school, your home, go shopping, and more. Meanwhile, the other world will be about exploring labyrinths. The other world normally can’t be seen by regular people, but after a certain event, the protagonist is then able to see it for himself.


Here are some additional details from Falcom CEO and president Toshihiro Kondo:


  • Falcom have acquired plenty of know-how from the Ys and Trails titles, but they wanted to try out something different.


  • They’ve had Ys and Trails of Nayuta (Nayuta no Kiseki) [as far as action RPGs go] but they wanted the challenge of taking on a different title.


  • The younger staff member are taking initiative in the development and planning of Tokyo Xanadu.


  • The staff hasn’t changed, but the younger staff have been working on the game’s costumes and setting.


  • Tokyo Xanadu is an action RPG that takes place in the present and other world, where you’ll go on an adventure and solve mysteries.


  • The action part of the game uses a free camera.


  • There’s also jumping.


  • Falcom are considering a targeting system to make things easier.


  • For the most part, you’ll switch between the adventure parts in the present world, and action in the other world.


  • Falcom are working on ways to make the game’s story as enjoyable as possible for the players.


  • Characters in town will have backgrounds, and they’re emphasizing the details on their movements, and more.


  • The game will feature more than six main characters, which makes it more than the regular six in the Ys titles.


  • There will be many modern-style characters. Falcom are making into something that will be enjoyed by people who like “Juvenile” settings. [a term often used to describe school settings, such as the Persona series.]


  • Tachikawa is the main part of the Morimiya setting. It will have many spots you’d see in Western Tokyo, also known as the Tama region.


  • Falcom are working with Tachikawa city for collaboration events and products.


  • Tokyo Xanadu will release after Summer 2015. While the main scenario is pretty much done for the most part, Falcom are finishing up the action bits, and they’re confident the game will release this year.


  • They’ll announce the voice actors, soon.


  • As far as development goes, things are going pretty well.


Tokyo Xanadu will release later this year in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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