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Tokyo Xanadu’s New Character Rem Is A Mysterious Girl Who Wanders The Other World



Falcom recently introduced the newest character for their upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. We now have details on her, along with a look at the city of Morimiya in the game.


Rem (CV: MAi Kadowaki):


Rem is a mysterious character that is seen calmly wandering around in the Other World. She has some androgynous features, but her actual nationality, gender, age, or if she’s even human, all remain unknown.


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One day, she appears in front of Kou, who wandered into the Other World. She helps him discover his Soul Device, after deeming him as a qualified person. She helps Kou in other ways, but also shows up just to watch him, so her purpose remains unknown. She also seems to know about something called “Xanadu”.



The “Morimiya station” is found in the middle of the city. It’s an access point of Morimiya City, bustling with people commuting and getting around town day and night. The red arches shown in the above image is a symbol of the area, and it’s a popular spot where people meet up.



Monorails, busses, trains, are some of the transportation they have going on in the area.



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“Star Camera” is a major national electronics retailer chain. They sell everything from Xiphones to video games and CDs.



The “Morimiya Shopping District” is a community-based shipping district that has a bit of an older vibe to it, unlike the busier parts of Morimiya. This is where you’ll find your everyday stores like the vegetable shop, butcher’s shop, hardware store, and sporting shop. There are all kinds of stores in this area, where you can find all of your daily needs in one trip.


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Kou’s friend Ryota ‘s family run a greengrocer here. They also have another shop near Kou and his childhood friend Shiori’s home.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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