Square Enix are working on a next-generation sequel to their recent Tomb Raider reboot, CEO Phil Rogers has revealed via the Square Enix Europe blog.


“Square Enix is in production with a number of next generation projects, including Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, which were announced at this year’s E3, and Thief coming in 2014,” Rogers writes on the blog. “I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel—something you may have heard about recently!”


Rogers says that, in the future, Square Enix don’t plan to abandon development of “core, triple-A console and PC games,” but that in addition to these, the company will also release “cutting edge” mobile and tablet games like Deus Ex: The Fall.


As reported in the past, new Tomb Raider comic that’s scheduled to begin publishing in 2014 will lead directly into the sequel.



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