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Tomodachi Life Day Six: FILSAMECH Gets Hitched


It happened! And it not only happened once, but twice! My machinations came to fruition, and two of the Tomodachi Life couples hooked up. Though, it didn’t go exactly smoothly.


The Miis don’t just up and decide to get married. Well, they do, but there’s still more to it. A Mii in a relationship, usually one that’s lasted at least three days, will have a heart shaped icon in his or her apartment window. Going to visit them will reveal that they want to get engaged. Except they need the omnipresent player’s assistant. You choose the location for the special date, and then will enter into a mini-game.


I hate the proposal mini-game. It’s adorable, but frustrating. The Miis will be together, and it was up to me to tap the heart-shaped button on the touch screen when the Mii’s potential husband or wife was thinking about him or her. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.


Miis have the shortest attention span. I had to correctly tap four times, and there are only three tries to get the proposal right. It’s serious business, and quite hard. They’ll think about their loved one, sure, but only for a matter of seconds sometimes. Luckily, while I failed the first proposal, after that rough start, the two proposals went through without a hitch.


That’s right, proposals. There were two weddings in one day! The first was between my Mom’s Mii and Kyle’s. The second was between my friend Caitlin and FILSAMECH. Both were very lovely affairs, I assure you.


Although, people don’t just go through a proposal, then an instant wedding in Tomodachi Life. It’s a 1-2-3 punch. There’s the proposal minigame, then you see the Miis get married with their best friends in attendance, and finally a honeymoon!


You never know where the honeymoon will be, as it’s taken from the random vacation spots included in the game. Kyle and Mom went to China, while Caitlin and FILSAMECH headed to France. It’s an opportunity to get some on-location images with the Miis, as well as a souvenir treasure for the player (or in this case puppet-mistress) that made this all happen.


Once the wedding is over, the couple settles down together in Mii Homes. It’s a plot of land near Town Hall with a bunch of homes for new families. The Miis will still visit their old apartments from time to time, but their new base of operations is a quaint island cottage. Truth be told, I often felt bad interupting the newlywed’s married lives, because they seemed to be so happy and wrapped up in each other. They also seemed to need regular attention less often, but perhaps that’s just today has been such a big day for both new families.


There weren’t the only social developments in Tomodachi Life. The biggest development is that Shigeru Miyamoto finally settled down. I think it had something to do with the compatibility percentages, as he decided on a Mii named Mandi. (They had a 98% match!)


But more importantly, a wonderful friendship is blooming!


They’re so adorable together.


More importantly, a secret was revealed. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I feel I have some sort of obligation. There is the word “journalist” in video game journalist. My apologies to Ishaan, but the truth must be told.

Food for Thought:


1. If you dye a Mii’s hair, it goes back to its original color after a bath.


2. I wish real-life cat conventions were like this. Because this? Is awesome.


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