Tony Taka’s Second Shining Series Art Book Featuring Its Girls Releases Today In Japan



Following the first Shining art book that released in 2009, the second book called “Tony’s Artworks from Shining 2” by series character designer Tony Taka released today in Japan. Famitsu gives us a peek inside the book.


From Shining Hearts to Blade Arcus from Shining EX, the second installment of Tony Taka’s Shining series artbook features plenty of characters from Sega’s popular RPG series. It also features three exclusive illustrations that were made for the hardcover book, that measures at an A4-size (23.5cm x 31cm).


Here’s a look at some more samples:


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The book is now available in Japan and goes for 3,564 yen with tax included. The following is a list of online stores that sell the book and also include bonuses:



  • Original 2L-Size Bromide from Gamers


  • B1-Size Tapestry (Sakuya), B3-Size Waterproof Posters x2 (Sakuya & Kirika/Urayukihime & Rouna), and Clear File (Sakuya & Kirika) from Sega Store.


  • Exclusive B2-Size Bath Poster (Shining Resonance collection), B5-Size Illustration Sheet (Urayukihime & Yukihime) from Tora no Ana


  • B2-Size Full-Color Poster (Kirika) from Melonbooks
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