Too Kyo Games’ “Famous Game Creator” Might Not Be Yoko Taro But He Did Share A Message



We recently reported that a new game company called Too Kyo Games was established and led by a “certain famous game creator,” which seemed like Yoko Taro at first, but it turns out that it likely isn’t him.


The previous video messages included Yosuke Saito of Square Enix as well as Goichi Suda from Grasshopper Manufacture. Here’s a new video featuring Yoko Taro of Bukkoro:


“____-san is usually a really nice person, but when he drinks he gets drunk and says stuff like ‘I’m amazing at (bleeped: sex)!!’ So, when I asked why he said ‘That’s how I ________.”


In any case, we’ll find out more as we approach the live stream coming tomorrow, September 11, at 7:00pm JST, where the company details will be revealed along with a project they’re working on.


You can find Too Kyo Games’ official website here (under construction), Facebook here, and Twitter here.

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