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Top-Down Arcade Shooter Riddled Corpses EX Wants To Drown Players In Undead



Riddled Corpses EX pits the player (and maybe a local friend) against hordes of undead and huge bosses, tasking them with spraying the screen down with shots to keep the ever-approaching beasts at bay.


Riddle Corpses EX is a remastering of the original Riddled Corpses, one that adds many gameplay tweaks and improvements. A story mode has been added, grinding has been reduced, a combo system is in place, there are new hazards, and enemy AI has been adjusted, creating a whole new experience of the game for its coming console release.

Riddle Corpses EX looks to be “reminiscent of 80/90’s arcade games”, bringing players a fast, frantic shooter that rewards practice and skill. Players who want a little easier experience can tackle the game’s story mode instead, which can be played in smaller doses, as the Arcade Mode must be beaten in one sitting.


Riddled Corpses EX is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita.

Alistair Wong
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