Axel Nendoroid holding two circular metal weapons
Image via Good Smile Company

Top Kingdom Hearts Figures of All-Time (Ranked)

With all the Kingdom Hearts games having just been rereleased on Steam, it’s time for fans both old and new to revisit the series. Players can now reunite with classic characters and storylines on another platform. To celebrate, we’ve accumulated a list of some of the all-time best Kingdom Hearts figures to add to your collection.

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A bug-eyed shadow from Kingdom Hearts
Image via Square Enix

We’re starting this list off with the Heartless Shadow figure from Square Enix’s Bright Arts Gallery line. It’s a dynamic addition to any collection because of how it looks like it’s emerging from the floor. It also has a metallic finish, due to being a part of this tiny die-cast figure line, giving it a vibrant color and intriguing texture. You can find it for $31.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Xion figure with a black coat
Image via Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xion Bring Arts Figure

Next is a standard, yet stunning, figure of Xion. Her Organization XIII clothing is intricately detailed and she’s as articulated as any character in this collection. She even comes with her Keyblade and a Kingdom Key. She also has an alternate head piece that lets you display her with her hood up. You can find her for about $300 on places like Amazon.

Riku figurine with a Keyblade
Image via Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts III Riku Play Arts Kai Figure

Riku’s Play Arts Kai figure features a dynamic design. His limbs and body are posable, he comes with various hand pieces, and he has various Keyblades to wield. This figure is, by far, one of the most active Kingdom Hearts figures available. He’s $209.99 on Entertainment Earth.

Aqua Nendoroid looks determined as she holds her Key Blade.
Image via Good Smile Company

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Aqua Nendoroid

Our first incredible Nendoroid on this list is Good Smile Company’s Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Aqua Nendoroid. She comes with three face plates showing off her normal smile, a relaxed look, and one of intense concentration. She also comes with her Keyblade and her Wayfinder necklace she shares with her friends, giving collectors more than enough opportunity to customize her as they wish. While she’s supposed to be $64.99, she’s currently $61.40 on Crunchyroll.

Sora grins, holding his Keyblade behind his back
Image via Nintendo

Kingdom Hearts Sora amiibo

Whether you use an amiibo or not with your Switch games, this classic Sora figure perfectly captures everything there is to love about the character. It doesn’t miss a single detail from his design and captures the innate confidence of the protagonist. Since it’s often out of stock, you might not be able to find it for its $15.99 price, but keep checking Amazon!

Sora wields a Key Blade and a candy cane, dressed in black Santa clothes.
Image via Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Christmas Town Bring Arts Figure

Equal parts festive and equal parts edgy, this Sora Kingdom Hearts 2 Bring Arts figure radiates Nightmare Before Christmas energy and charm. Wielding a candy cane and his Key Blade, Sora can be posed into a wide variety of stances, striking a balance between his Halloween and Christmas themes. He costs about $137 on Amazon.

Axel Nendoroid holding two spiked metal circle weapons
Image via Good Smile Company

Kingdom Hearts 3 Axel Nendoroid

What would a list of a series’ best figures be without a Nendoroid? Axel’s official Nendoroid is cocky, confident, and ready for whatever comes his way. He also comes with several different weapons, suiting whichever aesthetics or version of him you love the best. As far as Nendoroids go, Axel’s has so much character and style that it’s perfect for Kingdom Hearts and Nendoroid fans alike. He can end up costing you about $92.99 at places like Crunchyroll.

Mickey buries his hands in his silver hoodie
Image via Square Enix

King Mickey is here! Though small, he strikes a strong, shining pose. As a two-and-a-half inch tall, die-cast figure, he’s designed to catch someone’s eye as he shines on a shelf. His price ranges from $39.99 on places like Amazon.

Sora holding a keyblade
Image via Bandai Namco

Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora SH Figuarts Figure

Near the top of our list is this classic SH Figuarts Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora figure. Striking a confident pose with his signature Keyblade, a Kingdom Hearts collection is not complete without at least one figure of Sora. The craftmanship is fairly high and he comes with different hands and face plates, making him a versatile figure to display. While he originally cost about $59.99, he is out of print and now about $141 on Amazon.

Axel holding a circular metal weapon behind his head.
Image via Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 Axel Bring Arts Figure

We can’t forget about Square Enix’s Axel Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts figure. This figure takes everything that’s great about Axel’s Nendoroid and cranks it up to 11. He’s finely detailed and articulated. He also comes with an alternate face plate, multiple hand pieces, popsicles, and both his chakram and Keyblade. To simply put it, he looks awesome. While he’s out of print and $212.50 on Amazon now, he originally came in at about $89.99.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Play Arts Kai Figure

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Play Arts Kai Deluxe figure has it all. You get the most recent version of the series’ lead. He can not only wield his Kingdom Key, but hold his Shooting Star and Ultima Weapon Keyblades. There are multiple face plates. It’s quite detailed, which you expect from a $209.99 figure. Though depending on where you buy it, you may find it for cheaper, such as for $164 on Amazon.

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