Top-Down Shooter A Tale Of Fallen Dragons Tackles Players With Detailed Mechanical Beasts

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The nine sons of the Legendary Dragon are giving the people of A Tale of Fallen Dragons a hard time, and it is up to the player to face down these creatures using various weapons in top-down shooter combat.




The game foregoes typical dragon design, instead creating an array of detailed, machine-like dragons for the player to battle. All of its enemies bear a similar style, having the player face a constant array of robots and mechanical devices that all show a futuristic re-imagining of an Asian historical setting.


The player will have several different guns, from a regular blaster to seeker shots to throwing saws, that they can use on the machines they fight. To dodge the shots that are coming their way, the player can do a short dash to get to safety.




A Tale of Fallen Dragons is set to come out in April of 2017, but is raising Greenlight votes now.

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