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Top-Down Space Shoot ‘em Up RiftStar Raiders Is Also In Development For Nintendo Switch



RiftStar Raiders, the top-down space shoot ‘em up game was already announced for a 2017 release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it’s adding another platform to the mix with Nintendo Switch.


The above image with the cute Hylian Shield touch was shared via developer Climax Studios’ official Twitter account.


No further info was shared about the game’s Switch release, but we’ll likely hear more about it in the near future.


Here’s more about the game for those of you who are curious:

  • It’s all about the loot – Obliterating hordes of enemies is risky, but there’s nothing like the promise of loot to whet the appetite of a Raider. The more enemies you put down, the more gear you pick up. Craft and equip weapons, shields, boost engines and more to your constantly improving ship to hit harder, move faster and play better.


  • Raid as a team – Cooperation is key to taking down the vast numbers of alien Warswarm, not to mention the Spiral Arm’s underbelly of rogues, pirates and rival smugglers all looking to strip you down to scrap metal. Work with your team to play through 9 handcrafted story missions, collecting loot and crafting ship systems to match your squad strategy, overpower your enemies and live to raid another day.


  • Intense, empowering combat – No one said taking down the bad guys would be easy, so take advantage of your ship’s upgraded loadout and get the upper hand on your foes through waves of addictive, fast paced combat. It’s not only the bad guys you have to watch out for though; there’s no honour among thieves as teammates can swoop in and steal your most valuable loot drops at any second, and pilfer your perks and cash for themselves.


  • Progression every session – Feel your Raider spacecraft evolve and improve with every mission. With the ability to collaborate and strategize with your teammates and experiment with the wide variety of possibilities each ship tech tree offers, no two runs will play out the same.


RiftStar Raiders releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game’s in development for Nintendo Switch.

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