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Torchlight On Xbox Live Arcade Comes With New Content And Perks


Microsoft’s Xbox Live “House Party” program kicked off with Hard Corps Uprising, Arc System Works’ Contra spin-off, which released on February 16th. Next in line are Beyond Good & Evil and Torchlight.


The latter is slated for release this spring, and is a port of the Diablo-style role-playing game released for PC in 2009. While the Xbox Live Arcade version is a little late to the party, developer, Runic, are adding a few exclusive perks to the console release.


Torchlight on XBLA comes with new armour sets, weapons and more quests than the PC version of the game. The controls for the game have also been redone to better suit the Xbox 360 pad, and the XBLA version also rewards you with certain perks for fulfilling different criteria.


The first of these is the chance for an early re-spec potion, which you’re rewarded with if you invite a friend to play Torchlight (note that the game is singleplayer only). Your friend gets the potion, too, if he takes you up on your invitation.


The second perk, an Ogre Fish item, is available for the first two weeks following the game’s release, and indefinitely turns your pet into an Ogre. Finally, Runic say that “a very special item” will be unlocked once the Torchlight community sends a certain number of gifts to friends over Xbox Live. The community will be kept notified of their progress throughout.


Ishaan Sahdev
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