Toro Returns Once More In Toro and Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo’s First Trailer


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ForwardWorks has released the first trailer for Toro and Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo, the latest game featuring PlayStation mascot cat Toro. This game is a match-3 puzzle game where players will spend half the time exploring and rebuilding a town called Amatsu Soramachi, alongside new cat character Sora. [Thanks, 4Gamer 1, 2!]


Check out the first trailer below:


In Toro and Puzzle, Toro will move to onsen town Amatsu Soramachi, only to find the entire place worn down and dilapidated. After Toro helps fix the town sign in the front of the town, Sora will appear and ask if Toro can become their tourism ambassador, and help fix up the town.

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Together with the player, Toro and Sora aim to bring the town back to its glory days.


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Toro and Puzzle is a match-3 game where you need to clear fruit from a puzzle in a limited amount of moves. There are also Help Pieces items that can help clear fruit next to wooden boxes blocking the way, or beside the Help Pieces themselves. There are also items like the Rocket Fireworks, Missiles, Dynamite, Bomb, and 4-Way Fireworks that can help clear puzzles, and these appear when you connect and clear four pieces at the same time.

The game runs on a “Heart” system, where each Game Over will use up a Heart. You can have up to 5 Hearts at once, and friends can pass each other Hearts to refill quicker.


The ultimate goal is to get Star Pieces, which are symbols for tourism ambassadors. Using Star Pieces, you can help rebuild the town.


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toro and puzzle 7 toro and puzzle 8

Apart from puzzles, the core gameplay of Doko Demo Issyo also returns. You can interact with Toro, as well as teach it new human language terms so that it can use the words in later conversations with you, and open up even more questions. It’s all about growing closer to Toro, and helping it understand more about human language.


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toro and puzzle 10

Story progress is written down by Toro in picture diaries, and Toro will also use the words you taught it here as well.


More Screenshots:

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Toro and Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo will appear on Android and Apple iOS devices in 2019 in Japan. The original Doko Demo Issyo launched on the PlayStation in Japan back in 1999.

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