Azur Lane - RN Torricelli

Torricelli Is the First Italian Submarine to Appear in Azur Lane

Yostar has revealed RN Torricelli as the second shipgirl to appear in the next Azur Lane event. She is also the first submarine to appear from the Italy-inspired Sardegna Empire. Prior to her reveal, the faction only featured destroyers, heavy cruisers, and battleships.

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The Japanese Twitter account described Torricelli as a dark-natured shipgirl who has a passion for science. Although she is on good terms with her friends, she is also rumored to perform some suspicious research.

While there were numerous Italian submarines named after the barometer inventor Evangelista Torricelli, the only one that saw action in World War II was the Brin-class submarine launched in March 1939. An important episode involving Torricelli happened on June 23, 1940. After receiving damage that made her unable to dive, she was surrounded by the British sloop HMS Shoreham and destroyers HMS Khartoum, Kandahar, and Kingston.

While the British ships intended to capture her, Torricelli vowed to fight until the end by using her deck gun and close-range torpedoes. Shells from her gun managed to hit the Shoreham and Khartoum. After receiving critical damage, the commander Salvatore Pelosi ordered to scuttle the ship before British sailors could board her. Coincidentally, HMS Khartoum would be rendered inoperable due to a torpedo air vessel explosion not long after this encounter.

RN Torricelli will join the ever-growing Azur Lane roster through the upcoming second event for the Sardegna Empire, together with the destroyer Nicoloso da Recco. Yostar will reveal many details on the event at a live stream scheduled to broadcast on April 19, 2021.

Azur Lane is immediately available on Android and iOS mobile devices worldwide.

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