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Touhou: New World Confirmed for a Western Release

Touhou New World Western Release

Touhou: New World will be getting an official Western release, according to XSEED Games. The publisher confirmed they would be bringing the game to North America and Europe for the Nintendo Switch and PC, with a PlayStation release following at a later date.

Billed as a fan-made entry in the Touhou Project universe, Touhou: New World sees shrine maiden Reimu and magician Marisa battling enemies invading Gensokyo. The game is being developed by Ankake Spa, developers of Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity. Just like that game, Touhou: New World is an action RPG featuring the franchise’s trademark bullet hell design at the core of its gameplay.

XSEED are promising the game will be heavily customizable, with skill trees and equipment offering a wide selection of options. There will also be side quests as players explore Gensokyo, rewarding players with upgrades and tips to turn the tide in their favor.

Touhou: New World is the latest of several fan-games set in the universe, the most recent release being the farming sim Harvest Yuuka for Nintendo Switch.

Touhou: New World will be releasing sometime in North America and Europe in Summer 2023. It will be releasing digitally for Nintendo Switch and on PC via Steam. A PlayStation 4 and 5 release will follow sometime later in 2023.

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