Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica Will Have Four Playable Characters

Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica logo

exA-Arcadia has revealed more details on its upcoming arcade game. A new press release for Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica provided a sneak peek at its gameplay system and appearing characters. The exA-Arcadia has still yet to publish any new images apart from the logo since the initial reveal in late September 2021.

However, the press release revealed that this game will be a port and remake of Touhou Makuka Sai – Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II. The game that served as a basis for this arcade title is currently available on Steam.

exA-Arcadia also published a story synopsis that hints at the playable characters in Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica. Four characters will head out to investigate the unnatural snow and storms that are happening during the spring season. In addition to series staples Reimu and Marisa, the synopsis also mentions the Moriya Shrine maiden Sanae and the half-human and ghost Youmu.

The arcade title’s gameplay system will have more than just normal shots and spell cards. Players will be able to activate a Barrier after filling up a gauge by collecting items and grazing enemy bullets.

Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica will appear on arcades. exA-Arcadia will set up a playable demo build of the arcade game at the 8th Hakurei Shrine Fall Reitaisai in Tokyo Big Sight on October 24, 2021.

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