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Touhou Project 15.5, Touhou Hyouibana: Antinomy of Common Flowers, Is Headed To PS4



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Touhou Hyouibana: Antinomy of Common Flowers released in December 2017 for PC as Touhou Project’s 15.5th official installment. Twilight Frontier announced that the fighter is headed to PlayStation 4.


Touhou Hyouibana is described as a “bullet hell competitive action game,” where you play as Touhou series characters in 2v2 battles to shoot down opponents from a distance and use melee attacks for close combat.



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The PS4 version of Touhou Hyouibana will make its playable debut on May 5 at Reitaisai 16 at the Play,Doujin! booth.


Touhou Hyouibana: Antinomy of Common Flowers is currently available on PC.

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