Touhou Project Survey Asks Which Characters Fans Want to See More Of

Touhou Project Survey

Japanese developer Cave has opened a new survey asking Touhou Project fans which characters they would like to see in its recently-announced Touhou game. Furthermore, the survey asks respondents about how they came to find the Touhou Project series, and what games they have played in the past. The survey will be open until September 3, 2021. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Setting aside basic questions such as age and gender, the 11-part survey starts off with a heavy-hitter. Out of a list of 121 characters from the Touhou Project series, respondents must choose three characters that they’d like to see included on release day. Notably, the question specifically excludes Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame from the list.

The fourth question then asks when fans first became interested in Touhou Project. It also asks where they first learned about the series and which mainline games they’ve played. Furthermore, the survey asks what aspects of the game they’d deem most important. It lists elements such as character voices, communication with other users, and the use of spell cards and competitive play.

Interestingly, the final question asks fans which smartphone titles they play the most, listing other popular titles such as Fate/Grand Order and Genshin Impact. Details about the upcoming title are still scarce, and the questions could signal that the title in development may release on smartphone devices.

Cave’s upcoming untitled Touhou Project game is currently in development and will arrive sometime in 2022.

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