Touhou Project Visual Novel Fan Game Hifuu Fragment Hitting Steam

Touhou Project Visual Novel Hifuu Fragment

Phoenixx Inc announced the Touhou Project visual novel Hifuu Fragment will come to Steam. The title is already available on other PC storefronts, such as Booth. Phoenixx created a Steam store page and uploaded a promotional video for the reveal. The game will release on Steam in 2021. [Thanks, Gematsu!]

Developed by Shikaku Games, Hifuu Fragment is a visual novel based on the music CD series created by Shanghai Alice. Phoenixx described the title as a fan game or derivative work that feels like a puzzle or escape room game. This title takes place before the first Hifuu Club game, Rendai no Yakou ~ Ghostly Field Club. As for gameplay, the main characters of the Touhou Project visual novel will obtain memories called “fragments” from their conversations with each other. The story will then branch off from there. Phoenixx warned fans that, unlike other games in the visual novel genre, the player cannot aimlessly read the story and select all the dialogue options freely.

The Touhou brand is going strong with releases lately. The 2D tag-team fighting game Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers will launch worldwide on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Additionally, ZUN announced that the 18th mainline game Rainbow Dragon Cave ~ Unconnected Marketeers will release in May 2021.

Hifuu Fragment will launch on Steam in 2021. The game is also available on Booth, which supports PayPal as a payment method.

Oni Dino
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