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Touken Ranbu Warriors Will Not Have Multiplayer Features

Touken Ranbu Warriors - Ichigo Hitofuri

The latest issue of Famitsu included a new interview with Koei Tecmo, DMM Games, and Nitroplus. It shed some light on the gameplay features in Touken Ranbu Warriors, such as interactions with characters and a lack of multiplayer modes. [Thanks, Ryokutya.]

The game’s official site listed that it will only support one player. The Famitsu interview further corroborated this by confirming that Touken Ranbu Warriors will not have multiplayer features like co-op or versus.

Touken Ranbu Warriors will have an original storyline where fifteen Touken Danshi Swordboys fight against a hostile army seeking to alter history. Although the Saniwa–the player’s avatar–is missing from the story, the player can still interact with the characters directly with a touchscreen feature.

Koei Tecmo is developing the game to entice players of the original Touken Ranbu browser game, some of which may not be good in action games. It will have an option to toggle an easier control mode where characters can unleash various attacks with just a single button. Stages in this game will be shorter than other Warriors games, which usually run around 10-20 minutes. The developers expect the game’s entire story to last about 40 hours.

Around the end of the interview, the three companies reaffirmed that this game will only have fifteen Swordboys. But when asked about the possibility of adding more characters, they do want to think for the future.

Touken Ranbu Warriors will be available for the Nintendo Switch in Japan and East Asia on February 17, 2022, and North America and Europe on May 24, 2022. A PC version of the game will appear on the Japanese DMM Game Player platform.

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