Toukiden 2 Adds A New Whip Sword Weapon, Introduces New characters

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Koei Tecmo revealed the latest details on their upcoming open-world action game, Toukiden 2, with information on a new whip sword weapon and a couple new characters. [Thanks, Hachima.]


In addition to the “Shield Sword,” Toukiden 2 will introduce a new weapon-type with the Whip Sword.


Whip Sword: As the name implies, the Whip Sword is a whip with blades on it, and it has a kunai at the tip. In addition to being able to perform multistage attacks, you’ll be able to shoot the kunai have it stick anywhere you want. It’ll also be able to go all out and use a special attack to hit towards the front. It might have a bit of a heavy delay for this weapon, but its reach is long enough to hit every part of any Oni.


Kashiri: A large-type Oni, characterized by its huge body covered in red scales, and its large wings.


Similar to the first Toukiden, you’ll get to team up with NPC Slayers that will help you with attack and support. Here are two new characters.



Benizuki [pictured in the middle-left]: The hero accused of a crime. Benizuki is a Naginata-user, and is a well-known female fighter for being the best at Mahoroba Village. She is one of the heroes that fought in the disaster that ruined the world. Benizuki has a gentle personality and is loved by everyone around her.


Homura [pictured in the middle-right]: The vagabond that is always up for a fight. A Slayer who roamed around the lands as a thief, but has been involuntarily following Benizuki since being defeated by her at the Mahoroba Village.


Toukiden 2 will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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