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Toukiden 2 Details Its Story, Introduces Touya And Manazuru, And A Look At New Oni



Koei Tecmo updated the official website for Toukiden 2, giving us details and screenshots on the game’s story, a first look at two new character Touya and Manazuru, and its newest Oni.



Time is the Meiji era—

The world has been destroyed by the disaster from the Awakening.

The “Front of History” which has gone undisturbed for so long has fallen,

while the “Backside of History,” swaggering with evil spirits, had begun swallowing the world.


A vast number of “Oni” began to appearing in the northern lands, trampling villages while working their way southward.

In order to fight against the Oni in Yokohama, warriors known as Slayers were deployed to fight against the Oni in order to defend the city of Yokohama.

In the midst of the battle, a giant Oni fell from the skies, and a single Slayer was consumed by the demon gate that was opened by the Oni.


And ten years later—

In Mahoroba Village located in the western lands, a Slayer drifts ashore with no memories.

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The following is a look at recently introduced characters:


Touya (CV: Takamasa Mogi)

Weapon: Great Katana


Commander of the Samurai Corps. He recruited various people while wandering around and formed a powerful military group. His relation with Yakumo is like that between cats an dogs.


Manazuru (CV: Saori Goto)

Weapon: Bow


The vice-commander of the Samurai Corps that is led by Touya. She’s an earnest character with respect for rules, and they say she’s the second most strict of the leaders after Toshizo Hijikata, vice-commander of the Shinsengumi.


Next is a look at some of the newest Oni:




A large beast-type Oni. It got its name from its huge blade-like tail.



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A mid-type Oni. It has a large mouth, giving it the appearance of a wolf. It uses its fan-like tail to create wind and lightning used for powerful attacks.



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And finally, a look at some new Mitama:




Toukiden 2 will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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