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Toukiden Extreme Lets Loose Its New Lion-Type Oni, Yachigiri



The first Toukiden already had some pretty fearsome monsters, and it looks like things are about to get even worse for the Slayers, as Koei Tecmo introduced the latest one with Yachigiri, a lion-type Oni.



Yachigiri’s main characteristics have got be the two giant tusks on the sides of his face. It is said that it can slaughter enemies in all kinds of ways, and it is how it got its name of Yachigiri. That roughly translates to “eight thousand slashes”.


toukiden-kiwami_140821-6 toukiden-kiwami_140821-7

toukiden-kiwami_140821-5 toukiden-kiwami_140821-1

It has a tough frame that is suitable for the king of the jungle, but let’s not forget about its sharp teeth and claws that it also puts to good use while hunting down Slayers.


toukiden-kiwami_140821-2 toukiden-kiwami_140821-3

Additionally, Koei Tecmo showed off two new Mitamas with Kaihime, or Lady Kai, along with the heavy drinker, Shuten-doji.


Toukiden Extreme will be released in Japan on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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