Toukiden Gets A Demonic Guest From Soul Sacrifice

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What goes around comes around as the old adage says. Previously Soul Sacrifice got a collaboration monster in Toukiden: Age of Demon’s monster Gouenma and now Sony are returning the favor. Hell’s Watchdog Cerberus from Soul Sacrifice will be in Toukiden, and it looks like you’ll be able to get some new items off of the beasty.


This comes as part of the 1.06 update, which also rebalances Demon skills amongst other tweaks and changes. Cerberus can be challenged in multiplayer or single-player modes.


You’ll also get two new missions to play – Hell’s Watchdog and The Feast of Kings and Wolves. The former pits you against Cerberus by himself, while the latter throws in Gouenma, because, well, we can. Have fun!


Hell’s Watchgdog mission:


004 005

007 006

009 010



The Feast of Kings and Wolves:


012 013

015 016

017 018


Update 1.06 is out now for Toukiden: Age of Demons on the PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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