Towards The Pantheon Is A Lighthearted RPG Of Cat Allies & Hamster Mounts


RPG Towards The Pantheon takes the player to a land of cat people and oddball dungeons, looking to take players away from the tropes of the genre and into a lighthearted world.


The Sworn Light have been growing in power while the felines, humans, electropunks, and ghosts bicker amongst themselves. It’s at this time that Freyja was dispatched to take them out, finding a group of warriors from each group that can help her on her quest to turn back this evil power. Each of these characters will have their own unique powers to use in a fight, so each will make a big difference in the game’s turn-based combat. They also have abilities that will let players traverse the overworld as well, so having a solid group of friends is key throughout the game.

Towards The Pantheon is filled with lighthearted movements away from the genre’s typical elemental weaknesses, magic items, and character types, having players ride around on hamsters, grab some sushi, or battle through dungeons that draw from other game genres. Once players work through all of these, they can unlock New Game+ and various cheat codes that allow them to tackle it all again with some variations and dishonest powers.


Towards The Pantheon is available now on Steam and

Alistair Wong
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