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TowerFall Ascension Gets A Ghost Ship, More Magic Arrows In Forthcoming Dark World Expansion



Matt Thorson has revealed that his local multiplayer archery combat game TowerFall Ascension will be getting a Dark World expansion on PC and PlayStation 4 in early 2015.


“We want to call this an expansion rather than DLC, because it expands the game in every direction rather than providing small incremental additions,” Thorson wrote on the PlayStation Blog.


For starters, there’s a new red archer called Vainglorious Ghoul, who captains the infamous ghost ship The Amaranth, which is one of the four new levels in the expansion.


These new levels are located within the Dark World, which is described as “a twisted reality parallel to the TowerFall world you’re familiar with.” The last world called Cataclysm uses procedural generation so that it’s unique every time you play it.


New power-ups include the Trigger Arrows, which can be stuck to surfaces and exploded on your command like a remote mine. There are also Prism Arrows that lock your target into a magical prism.


The expansion also contains new modes, variants, and trials, and those will be detailed on the TowerFall blog up until the release of the expansion.

Chris Priestman