Track Ghosts & Entities Before They Can Hunt You Down In Vigil Chronicles: Memories



Vigil Chronicles: Memories will have players using various tools to hunt down ghostly phenomenon, using microphones, cameras, and electro magnetic field readers to find the beings that haunt Stillman Hall.




The hauntings in Vigil Chronicles: Memories are unpredictable, as the game randomizes ghost behavior, the paths they take, and their locations in the hall. As such, the player will have to spend each game searching for the ghosts using their available equipment.


The tools will allow players to detect where the ghosts are at, but they will have to pay careful attention. Errant noises and small events may indicate a ghost is nearby, so the player will need to be on the lookout for these while working to keep their nerve in near-silence.




The ghosts, and a dangerous presence inside the house, will alter their behavior based around what the player is doing as well. Depending on where the player goes or the tools they use, they will change their courses. This is especially true of the deadly presence, which will try to predict the player’s movements and hunt them down, requiring players be unpredictable if they wish to survive.


While finding out about the more passive ghosts, players can learn more about Stillman Hall and the phantoms they’re speaking with. This information will help the player find out how to make these ghosts pass on, and will slowly reveal more about the evil that controls the house.




Vigil Chronicles: Memories is projected to release in early 2017.

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