TRAF – Trajes Fatais Is A Fighting Game That Does Away With Complex Inputs

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Onanim Studio is working on a fighting game that does away with complex inputs. TRAF – Trajes Fatais simplifies the move sets of all of its fighters, tying them all to a directional button or two and an attack button. These inputs will work with every character, but will cause different actions for each.




TRAF – Trajes Fatais becomes more complex with the context of its actions. Characters maintain momentum as they move and attack, even through cancels and collisions, which allows for unique strikes, combos, and combat situations. Other moves will only work based on the character’s relative position to their opponent, walls, and the ground.


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All moves are capable of comboing with other moves, allowing players to create their own preferred combinations. The game’s system takes steps to prevent move repetition during combos, creating unique knockdowns that will make the opponent temporarily impossible to hit with that same attack. 


TRAF – Trajes Fatais is currently on Steam Greenlight with no set release date.

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