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Trails of Cold Steel III Screenshots Take Us On A Tour Of The Armored Train “Derfflinger”



Falcom shared the latest details and screenshots for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III with a tour of the armored train called The Derfflinger as well as some info on training grounds.


The Derfflinger is a special armored train used by the students of Thors Militiary Academy’s second branch. Here’s a look at its six rail cars:



Car No. 1 is where the Orbal engine is located.



Car No. 2 is a briefing room as well as a guest room for the teachers.



Car No. 3 is a dining room and lounging area.



Car No. 4 has the passenger rooms.




Car No.5 and Car No. 6 are used to store Panzer Soldats.



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When training, you can have the Derfflinger act as a base, and you’ll get to see members of Class VII, Class VIII, and Class IX participate in various practices and duties.




Using the shop that is run by Class XI, you’ll get to purchase weapons, armor, and consumable items, as well as Orbment maintenance for your party members.



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While traveling inside the Derfflinger, you’ll get to communicate with other students. You might be able to see different sides of these students or come across some unexpected information. There are also some events that only occur while inside the Derfflinger.




Traveling across the Empire for military exercises doesn’t guarantee safety. You’ll always need to be ready for any surprise attacks from hostile organizations such as The Society and Jaeger Corps.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III releases in Japan on September 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4. Check out our previous report to learn more about Azure Siegfried, Red Roselia, Vita Clotilde, and Rutger Claussel in Trails of Cold Steel III.

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