Cold Steel Northern War Game

Trails of Cold Steel Northern War Mobile Game Teased

The anime adaptation of a game spawned a game of its own. Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War has a game version in development. The reveal came alongside the opening of an official Twitter account and website for the title on February 24, 2023. The game is headed for smartphones in Japan, and pre-registrations are open via the official site.

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The Trails of Cold Steel Northern War game adaptation is set in the same setting as the anime series of the same name. It depicts the conflict between Erebonia and North Ambria that takes place between the time periods of Trails of Cold Steel II and III. Lavian Winslet is a member of the Northern Jaegers, a mercenary company. She strives to protect her home town, as well as make a name from herself distinct from her grandfather, an infamous traitor to North Ambria. Alongside her squadmates Martin, Iseria, and Talion, she goes on a mission to Erebonia to gather information about a so-called “Hero of the Empire”.

It’s not known how the game will relate to the anime, but promotional art on the official website shows character art of Lavian, Martin, Iseria, and Talion.  Developed by Userjoy, the game is likely a free-to-play RPG with gacha elements. The pre-registration campaign promises various rewards for players, including a free SSR unit based on Elie MacDowell, a character from Trails from Zero.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Northern War mobile game is in development for Android and iOS devices in Japan. An overseas release has not yet been announced.

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