Train, Workout, And Fight In ‘90s Throwback Arcade Beat ‘Em Up Karate Master 2



Criansoft has released its ‘90s throwback arcade beat ‘em up RPG Karate Master 2: Knockout Blow  for Windows.


The core of Karate Master 2 is as you’d expect: a fast-paced 1v1 fighting game in which you participate in full contact karate tournaments. But you also have to live out a simulation of your fighter’s life outside of the fights.


You’ll have to work at the docks operating forklifts to earn yourself money. You’ll also be trained at the beach and in the gym, hitting pads and sparring with others in training. Sometimes you’re kicking bamboo in half, others you’re fighting against a charging bull with your bare feet.



Rather than just fighting, then, Karate Master 2 is a simulation that leads you through the life of an upcoming karate champion set during the 1980s. How you perform outside of the fighting arenas will affect your capabilities inside of them. And you’ll also make friends and enemies that push the storyline forward.


In the ring, however, it’s a classic 2D fighting game with an added Mortal Kombat-esque focus on what damage you inflict on opponents, and receive yourself. So you can expect diagrams of bones breaking and livers throbbing with pain.


You can purchase Karate Master 2 for €8.99 on Criansoft’s website. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman