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Tranquil Platformer Gravity Ghost Is Heading To PS4 With New Time-Exclusive Content



Ivy Games has announced that its peaceful 2D orbiting platformer Gravity Ghost will be making the leap from PC to PlayStation 4. Not only that, but it’ll be heading to the console with new time-exclusive content.


This new content includes a new constellation that contains new challenge levels, three extra bonus tracks to the soundtrack by Ben Prunty (composer of FTL: Faster Than Light), and a new unlockable character to play as.


Other than that, it’s the same game that’s available on PC: you play as a ghost girl called Iona as she searched for her ghost fox friend across a shattered galaxy. This involves traversing over 100 mystical levels that have you floating between planets and stars using gravity to propel you in orbiting patterns.


You’ll also meet Guardians, which appear like spirit animals, who help to guide you on your way. This is part of the narrative, which is voiced by Logan Cunningham (the Narrator in Bastion), Ashly Burch (from “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?”), and Sarah Elmaleh (who stars in Gone Home).

Chris Priestman