Transformers Universe MMO Details New Game Mode Crisis



MMO game Transformers Universe is slowly letting more information slip out via its Twitch live streams. The latest stream showcases Crisis Mode, previously called Energon Quests. If you just want to see this in action, jump to the 12:30 mark.


Crisis Mode appears to be almost akin to player-versus-environment missions. You’ll wade through several missions during a match, pitched up against progressively more and harder foes. In the live stream, they boast that by the end, it’ll be your fielded team versus as many as 80 or more troops at once. Seeing as how the minimap just completely fills up with red during their defend portion of the stream, it appears this is no joke.



When going on such missions, it’s pretty apparent you’ll need a balanced party. While there’s no “tank” per se, there are dedicated healer Transformers that players can opt for to keep each other healthy.


Also in the stream you’ll get to see the transforming of vehicles in action. While not all the animations are done, the transformations already look pretty slick. When waiting for a match or players, the home base will also throw mini-missions which you can do to keep yourself from boredom. It’ll also earn you some extra minor Energon resources.


Transformers Universe is planned for release this summer on PC in the West.