Travel To A Lunatic Asylum In Season 2 Of Lo-Fi Horror Adventure The Last Door



Season 2 of The Game Kitchen’s lo-fi horror adventure game series The Last Door has kicked off. Yep, Episode 1 is now available to anyone willing to make a small donation to the development of Episode 2.


This first episode of the new season is called “The Playwright.” It kicks off with Devitt being told to investigate the disappearance of Alexandre Du Pré at East Hill Lunatic Asylum where, presumably, this whole season will take place.


The minimum that you can pay to get access to this latest episode is €1 over one the donation page. If you pay more than that then you can also get the soundtrack, and by paying €15 you can get a premium subscription so that you get access to all chapters as soon as they’re available.


If you’d rather not pay for this new episode then you can wait until early 2015 which is when it will become free for everyone to play.


You see, The Game Kitchen uses a unique funding model for The Last Door. It releases an episode of the game, asks people to pay for it, which then funds the next episode. Using this model, the studio has funded the four episodes of Season 1, and is continuing with Season 2.

Chris Priestman