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Trillion: God of Destruction Gets New Screenshots For Mammon And Ashmedia



Trillion: God of Destruction will have you team up with a bunch of Overlord demon girls to take out Trillion, the boss with a trillion hit-points. The official website updates with new screenshots for Mammon and Ashmedia.




scr42 scr41

scr40 scr39

As Overlord, Mammon holds the Crest of Greed.
She’s a selfish wanderer with a brazen personality. She decides to take on the role of fighting Trillion with the prospect of gaining all the wealth in the Underworld as the Great Overlord. Originally, her role was to oversee the Gate of Hell, but prior to Trillion’s attack, she abandoned her post in favor of adventuring for treasure.




scr38 scr37

scr36 scr35

As Overlord, Ashmedia holds the Crest of Lust.
She calls Zeabolos “little Zeabolos,” and has fun with him in a teasingly seductive fashion. She posseses a particular kink where she becomes excited by hearing a dying foe’s cries, and undertakes defeating Trillion while shivering at the thought of the pleasure she’ll feel from the death of such a giant enemy.


Trillion: God of Destruction will release in North America on March 29 and Europe on April 1, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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