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Tron: Identity Launches in April 2023

Tron Identity

The February 2023 Nintendo Direct broadcast brought an update regarding Tron: Identity. Developed by Bithell Games (which also created Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular, and John Wick Hex), Tron: Identity is a narrative adventure game based on Disney’s Tron setting. Tron was a 1982 film by Disney and helped pioneer the early use of digital special effects and computer-generated imagery.

Check out the new gameplay footage via the Nintendo Direct broadcast. It appears at about 8 minutes and 45 seconds into it, with a timestamp available in the video description.

Tron: Identity takes place in the Grid, one that is distinct from the setting of the original 1982 film and its sequel, 2010’s Tron: Legacy. In Tron, computer programmer and game developer Kevin Flynn is transported inside the world of a computer and interacts with the resident programs to escape. These include the titular Tron. In Tron: Legacy, Kevin’s son Sam Flynn enters the Grid after receiving clues as to the whereabouts of his missing father. There he encounters a Grid that’s been taken over by Clu, a corrupt program.

Located within the digital world of computers and the internet, the Grid has been left to grow and evolve without intervention from human Users. Now a crime has been committed involving the Repository, an institution standing at the center of the Grid’s society. Players follow Query, a detective program tasked with investigating the mystery. They’ll make choices to influence the outcome of the game and the fate of the server, while interacting with a new and original cast of characters.

Tron: Identity will release for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in April 2023.

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