Troy Baker Daredevil Game Appearance Possibly Teased on Twitter

troy baker daredevil game

There may possibly be a new hint at something involving Daredevil and Troy Baker coming through the Marvel Games pipeline. Baker, the popular voice actor with the fancy haircuts, tagged Marvel Games VP and Creative Director Bill Rosemann in a seemingly innocent tweet about superheroes. Then, Rosemann went and did this in response [Thanks, Reddit!]:

At face value, Rosemann’s response doesn’t make a lot of sense. But “Man Without Fear” is the official tagline of sorts for Daredevil. This exchange is just coy and reaching (for that tagline) enough that it stands out as engineered to be noticed. And with all the chaos in the video games world thanks to COVID-19 and E3 2020 being canceled, games are being announced and teased all over the place. It’s also possible this could be for an appearance in a different game.

Despite ups and downs over the years, Daredevil remains a popular street-level Marvel hero, whose onscreen reputation was recently rehabilitated by the Netflix series. The character hasn’t really showed back up since Disney canceled all the pre-Disney+ TV content, so an executive at Marvel drawing attention to the character is notable.

Daredevil is no stranger to video games, although his only starring roles were attached to that movie everyone hates. An open world Daredevil solo game was in the works at one point, but was sadly cancelled before it could see the light of day.

Lucas White
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