UK-based game creator Andy Livy has revealed his anime-style RPG Tears of Avia ahead of its launch on Kickstarter in September this year.


Tears of Avia is a tactical turn-based RPG in which you are helping a powerful mage to get back his love, Avia. Turns out the mage froze her along with the floating city of Avalon when sealing the portals to a demonic realm that was invading the city some 200 years ago. He’s been searching for a way to unfreeze everything ever since.


Alongside the reveal of Tears of Avia, Livy has been working on a way to explain how the game’s skill systems work. To this end, he’s made a web-based skill builder that lets you unlock skills and add them to an active bar of skills.


You can check out the skill builder here. “The game has hundreds of skills to choose from across all classes, but you can only take five with you to battle,” Livy explains. “This gives you a huge amount of choice but ultimately means you have to make tactical decisions as to what is the most useful set of skills to bring.”


What the skill builder doesn’t showcase are the weapon skills in Tears of Avia. How it works is  that each class in the game can have five skills and then an extra three skills that are tied to their weapon. All of these intermingle and affect the breadth of abilities available to that class. “This means you could have a melee ranger using sword or hammer skills,” Livy says. “Perhaps, something more supportive is more appropriate, and a healing chalice would be more up your street?”


You can have five people in a single party in Tears of Avia too, so you get a mix of a lot of different skills at one time. Alongside this, the game is said to have a dynamic story system that reflects not only the decisions that you make but also the attitudes of the party you travel with.


More about the game will be revealed as the Kickstarter nears so follow Tears of Avia on Twitter or on IndieDB.

Chris Priestman

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