Try To Keep Up With Hyper-Fast Sci-Fi Action Game Nelo


Nelo is a hyper-fast sci-fi action game being made by two 3D artists in the Unreal Engine. Get your first look at it in the trailer above.


In Nelo, you play as an elite warrior that belongs to a race of aliens who are at war with their AI creations, the Nightsithe. This alien species (known as the Tono Gian) makes use of its four floating mechanical hands to wield four different weapons at once (assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shotguns, laser beams, rocket launchers, and so on.). These hands can also be used to grab and throw enemies and  objects, and can also be used for ranged melee attacks.


A big part of Nelo is being able to switch seamlessly between top-down twin-stick shooter play and third-person shooter. “The twinstick shooter mode is very beneficial for fast, close quarter combat because it gives you a better view of your surroundings. But the third person mode offers better range and verticality,” explains the game’s creators. “We mapped this ability to the right mouse button and the left trigger on the gamepad because we use it as much as other shooters use aim down sights.”

Other than shooting everything and racking up score multipliers, Nelo also has platforming sections during which you’ll traverse huge alien megastructures by leaping between walls, stealth sections at night, physics-based puzzles to solve with the mechanical hands, and moments when you’ll face off against snipers with a railgun.


You may have also spotted in the trailer that there are vehicles to pilot in Nelo. These include manual gun turrets, a four-armed Mech Suit, and a space craft for orbital dogfights. If you want to find out more about Nelo then check out its website.

Chris Priestman