Tsubasa Sakaguchi Stars In A Splatoon Top Tip Video Series


Nintendo’s European branch has released a series of Splatoon Top Tip videos on its YouTube channel. In each one, Tsubasa Sakaguchi, the game’s Co-Director, offers hints for doing well when playing the game.


Splatoon Top Tip #1: Weapons


One of Sakaguchi’s recommendations here is using the Jet Squelcher in the Port Mackeral or Arowana Mall maps.


Splatoon Top Tip #2: Sub-weapons and Special Weapons

Here, Sakaguchi reminds people who use roller weapons to rely on sub-weapons to take down people with charger weapons on higher levels.

Splatoon Top Tip #3: Gear


Sakaguchi suggests using some gear with the Ink Saver (Main) ability, should you use a Splattershot Pro, but says something with the Special Charge Up ability may be better for a Splattershot Jr.


Splatoon Top Tip #4: Turf Wars

Sakaguchi’s tip for Turf Wars is to try and keep within your own ink, instead of charging ahead into unfamiliar territory.

Splatoon Top Tip #5: Splat Zones


For Splat Zones, Sakaguchi recommends constantly checking the map to see where your teammates are, to help coordinate actions.



Splatoon is immediately available worldwide for the Nintendo Wii U. Earlier today, it was announced via Twitter that over 1 million copies of the game had been sold in Europe. To celebrate, Seita Inoue, Splatoon’s Art Director, released the image above on Twitter.

Jenni Lada
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