Tsurugihime Announced by Ex-FGO Director Yosuke Shiokawa


Through his studio Fahrenheit 213 former Fate/Grand Order Yosuke Shiokawa announced a new game: Tsurugihime. The first title for Shiokawa and Fahrenheit 213 since leaving Delightworks (FGO‘s former developer before transitioning to Lasengle), Tsurugihime will appear on PCs via Steam.

Check out the game’s teaser trailer below.

The trailer shows off what Fahrenheit 213 calls an “RPG that ‘crafts’ fate”. Tsurugihime blends side-scrolling action gameplay with crafting and a system for daily progression. The “crafting” is about more than putting items together, as players can also “craft” their path to victory in the last battle. That last battle will happen within 100 days. Before that, players are free to live their life however they wish. They can train to become stronger, target powerful enemies, or even refuse to fight at all, living a peaceful life. The game’s ending will change based on how players spend their time.

Fahrenheit 213 said that Tsurugihime will have up to 1,000 weapons available to the player. The weapons can be found, acquired, and created, and will have distinct properties that promote mastery. The game also offers a number of customization options, ranging from the main character and their sword, their home base, and even a custom little sister. The little sister will support the player through the “Ikusei” system, and her personality and outlook will change based on how players interact with her.

Other than Shiokawa himself, the Tsurugihime development team also includes some well-known members. Character designs are by artist Kouhaku Kuroboshi, who illustrated Kino’s Journey and Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. Kuroboshi also designed FGO  characters like Abigail Williams and Katsushika Hokusai, and even the Hololive Vtuber Ninomae Ina’nis. Takeharu Ishimoto, who worked on games like The World Ends With You and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, will act as composer.

Tsurugihime is in development with a release window set for 2024 on PC. Shiokawa also said that he has big plans to develop a game that’s “Irreplaceable”.

Josh Tolentino
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